Upcoming UA Life & Work Connections' Events

UA Life & Work Connections (LWC) provides services to help the work cycles of UA employees and students.  Check out their website here.  LWC is having several upcoming events and here is a brief overview of them.

  1. Promote Your Health 2014 lecture series
    • Location & Time: Main library, room A313, from noon to 1pm
    • Description: Nancy Rogers, MS, RD speaker; Jan 22: Diet and Lowering Blood Pressure; Jan 29: Diabetes (Type 2) Prevention; Feb 5 – Dietary Fats; Feb 12 – Smart Moves, Healthy recipes; Feb 19 –Effective Weight management and Barriers.
  2. Weight Watchers at the UA
    • ​​Location & Time: Every Monday & Fridays from noon to 1pm. Mondays are at Campus Health Services, Meder Room and Fridays are at UAMC cafeteria dining room D.
    • Questions? Call Pam: 520-404-1149
  3. Walk Across Arizona!
    • ​​Location & Time: Kick-off meeting starts at noon to 1pm on Feb 11, Ventana room, Student Union.
    • Description: Join this UA tradition that will keep you moving and feeling great! Form a team of 2-10 people, choose a captain and pick a name.
    • Cost: $10 per person.
  4. Wellness Screenings at our office
  5. Prostate Onsite Project
    • Location & Time: Feb 20, 7am to 1pm, Cherry pull-out on the Mall.
    • Call 480-964-3013 to schedule an appointment.
  6. Mobile Onsite Mammography
    • Location & Time: March 26, 7am to 4pm, Cherry pull-out on the Mall.
    • Call 480-967-3767 or 1-800-285-0272 to schedule an appointment.