Sir Insulin

Don't Monkey Around with Diabetes
Don't Monkey around with Diabetes

The University of Arizona created this app to teach children ages 5 to 10 years of age about how to prevent type 2 diabetes. The app is about the hero of the day, Sir Insulin Monk saving the Town of Glucose from the Evil Diana Betes.

About the Play

Sir Insulin is a play created by a troop of local Girl Scouts in Tucson Arizona under the guidance of their team leaders and mentors, Jeanne Fenn, Cecilia Rosales, and Claire Logue.  The play's goal is to teach school-aged children about type 2 diabetes, and how to prevent it by eating healthy and exercise regularly.  Sir Insulin is a thirty minute program, that also includes an introduction lecture.

Plot Summary

Sir Insulin takes place in the Town of Glucose, and town has recently lost their King Beta Cell to diabetes.  The villain of the play is Diana Betes.  She is an arrogant villain who wears a black robe draped with empty potato chip bags and pizza boxes symbolizing type 2 diabetes.  The hero of the play is Sir Insulin Monk, who defeats Diana Betes by exercising and eating healthy.

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