Healthy Pima

Healthy Pima, formally known as Pima County Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a vision of how the Community Health ACTION Task force (CHAT) and their partners want to address four health priorities currently facing Pima County. The four health priorities are: Healthy Lifestyles, Health Literacy, Access to Care, and Heath Disparities. CHAT members established these priorities by using secondary data analysis, surveys, and group discussions. They first envisioned this plan in 2010 and have been working on it since. This dynamic plan is a collaborative effort of all of following groups: the Health Department, health care and community service providers, businesses, government, and educators. They will hopefully improve community health over the next several years.

Illustration of people observing a road map to healthThe Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is engaged in the process through the involvement for faculty and academic professionals in all four health priority action teams. The CRCPHP focuses its efforts in two priority areas: 1) Healthy Lifestyles, and 2) Health Disparities.

Healthy Lifestyles

Promote and support healthy lifestyles for all Pima County residents

Health Literacy

Promote health literacy to Pima County residents with emphasis on populations of need

Access to Care

Improve urban and rural community access to medical, behavioral, and specialty health care services in Pima County Improve workforce development in the medical, behavioral, and specialty health care fields in Pima County

Health Disparities

Address health disparities by promoting a better understanding of community assets, health conditions, and health status within Pima County

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Healthy Pima

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Healthy Pima Plan

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