Project Healthy Schools

Adapted from the University of Michigan, Project Healthy Schools (PHS) is a 10-session obesity prevention program for middle school students. PHS participants learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle through fun, hands-on education, taught by undergraduate/graduate students from the University of Arizona College of Public Health. CRCPHP receives support from Dr. Frank Marcus, University of Arizona Professor Emeritus of Medicine, and proudly partners with Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School to host the PHS program. 

With support from 6th grade teacher Mrs. Lisa Salgado, UA COPH students lead PHS sessions at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School.

Project Healthy Schools aims to reduce childhood obesity prevalence through achievement of the following goals:

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  2. Choose less sugary food and beverages
  3. Eat less fast and fatty foods
  4. Be active every day
  5. Spend less time in front of a screen

The PHS curriculum includes lessons on healthy habits, MyPlate, sugar, the benefits of exercise, and food/beverage advertising. Program participants complete a validated health behavior questionnaire before and at the end of the PHS program to monitor changes in health habits. 

Fall 2019: PHS participants learning about "food as energy"

Since Fall 2018, PHS has reached over 200 middle school students in Tucson, Arizona and has been delivered by 17 undergraduate/graduate UA COPH students through service-based learning (HPS 495/595-001).

Read the Top 10 Lessons Learned from Project Healthy Schools here.

For more information about Project Healthy Schools, please contact Sabrina Plattner, Health Educator Sr. (

Lesson 6: Rainbow of Color